Team shortlist08 Mar 2017 AT 12:52 PM

VIDEO: Emirates celebrates female pilots on International Women’s Day

Watch two pilots fly the A380 from Dubai to Vienna
Team shortlist08 Mar 2017 AT 12:52 PM

Emirates are celebrating International Women’s Day with a video of two of its female pilots. Captain Nevin Darwish from Egypt and Senior First Officer Alia Al Muhairi from the UAE are filmed flying the Emirates Airbus A380 from Dubai to Vienna and back.

At the end of the clip, Alia Al Muhairi says: “Captain Nevin and I, we flew the A380 from Dubai to Vienna and back. Captain Nevin is such a good role model. She’s an inspiration to all young pilots across the world.”

Captain Nevin Darwish adds: “It was a pleasure flying with Alia. She has a positive and dedicated attitude. She knows her job very well… It makes me proud to see what a generation of female pilots can achieve.”

Happy International Women’s Day!

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