Harvey Day04 Apr 2018 AT 01:14 PM

Netflix want to pay you to binge their shows (but obviously there’s a catch)

This is the dream job, surely?
Harvey Day04 Apr 2018 AT 01:14 PM
TV, Series, Netflix, Work
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TV, Series, Netflix, Work
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If you’re something of a Netflix aficionado and you’re in the mood for a career change, this might just be the perfect job for you: the streaming giant is looking to hire professional binge-watchers.

The Netflix job spec for the Analyst (Product Metadata) role says: “Do you love movies and TV shows? Do you want to promote interesting movies and TV shows to viewers around the world? Netflix is seeking a Product Metadata Analyst for our Licensed Content. You will conduct online research about movies and TV programs in addition to editing, verifying, curating and enhancing title-level metadata in the Netflix catalog.”

Job duties for the California-based position include:

  • Researching, rating, watching, reviewing, annotating and tagging movie and TV content
  • Quality assurance review of content metadata
  • Timely and efficient completion of all projects

But, before your get your hopes up, there is a big catch: you have to be fluent in Japanese - because you’ll mostly be watching and reviewing Japanese-language anime TV shows and films. Well, at least that dramatically cuts down the competition for the position.

If you don't speak Japanese, don't worry. That isn’t the only cool Netflix job currently being advertised, though. Another job is listed on their site which requires applicants to “vet new material to determine if the content is suitable for young people.”

The full job spec for the Content Analyst (Kids, Teen and Family) role says: “The Editorial Creative Metadata Team is seeking a Kids, Teen, & Family Content Analyst to help categorize television and movies for our 100+ million users. Our team is wild about youth media and we are looking for someone who shares our enthusiasm! The ideal candidate has in-depth knowledge of entertainment content created for kids, families, and teens, with a strong eye towards determining age-appropriate maturity and themes.”

If you live in California, or are prepared to move, we’d recommend getting in your CV early because these positions aren’t going to stay open for long.

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