Team shortlist26 Oct 2017 AT 04:59 PM

Ed Sheeran's Dubai gig to go on as planned

Team shortlist26 Oct 2017 AT 04:59 PM
Ed Sheeran's Dubai gig to go on as planned
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Ok, everyone can clam down now because Ed Sheeran has just announced that he will be playing at the Dubai Autism Rocks Arena on Thursday, November 23.

“A follow-up visit to the doctor's today confirmed that I will be good to go from the Singapore shows onwards. I physically can't play at the moment ... It's the utmost importance to get my arms healed so I can play, hopefully, for the rest of my life,” the 26-year-old said in a video that was posted on his official Facebook page earlier today.

The news, we sure, is being met with thousands of screams and cries – better be, considering the gig sold out in mere minutes.

Now that we know that the “Perfect” singer will in fact be performing, here’s what lucky ticket holders have to look forward to…

Seeing Ed Sheeran
While this may be an obvious point (thanks for the eye roll Janet), you are one of the few who managed to get your hands on some tickets before they all sold out.


A good sing-a-long
While everyone will be there to see Ed Sheeran perform live, they will most probably be singing along with him and, in some cases, louder than him.


A good cry
Be it tears of laughter or sadness, you will cry. We’re almost 70 percent sure of it. Quality entertainment Not only does Ed sing, he also plays the guitar, piano and drums.


A great night out
The crowd will be beaming with energy and with the weather finally taking a turn, it will be a great, cool night out.


Ed Sheeran
When: Thursday, November 23
Where: Dubai Autism Rocks Arena


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