Tom Victor30 Oct 2017 AT 04:42 PM

These two emojis have started a massive argument about cheeseburgers

Like, have they never seen a cheeseburger before?
Tom Victor30 Oct 2017 AT 04:42 PM
Burger, Apple, Google
Burger, Apple, Google
Burger, Apple, Google

We’re reaching the stage where we really need to stop assuming that tech companies know anything about real life.

Airbnb is working on developing its own ‘branded apartments’ – so a hotel, then.

Someone else has come up with the concept of ‘house-hacking’, which already exists and is just the concept of being a landlord.

And now, looking at Google’s new emojis, I think we’ve figured out what the problem is – they’re not appropriating ideas, they literally don’t know what normal stuff is or looks like.

Right, so here’s a picture of a cheeseburger.


You might be thinking “what are you doing? I know what a cheeseburger looks like”. Well that’s fine, but GOOGLE CLEARLY DOESN’T.

Here’s another one, just in case there are any Google execs waking up to a flurry of cheeseburger-related text messages and taking the appropriate step of heading immediately to


Surely that’s impossible to mess up, right? What did they do, forget the cheese? No, somehow it’s worse.

It’s under the burger. Under. The. Burger.

Before, you thought the only downside to powdered meals was social exclusion, but no – there are actually some practical issues to transcending people-food.

To Google’s credit, CEO Sundar Pichai has pledged to look into the matter.

However, we need to work out how something like this happened in the first place.

Do the staff in Google’s canteen have to assemble their own burgers? Do they come pre-assembled with the cheese below the beef? Like, what’s the deal?  Answers people. We want answers and we want them now.

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