Tim Victor08 Aug 2017 AT 03:46 PM

Your old iPod could be worth a lot of money

Got an old iPod lying around?
Tim Victor08 Aug 2017 AT 03:46 PM
Your old iPod could be worth a lot of money
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Older models of the iPod have enjoyed a resurgence of late, helped in no small part by the device reclaiming iconic status with its use in Edgar Wright film Baby Driver.

There have been calls to revive the classic model, but instead Apple has gone the other way, discontinuing some other old favourites.

That means there’s some good news and some bad news.

If you want a new iPod Nano or Shuffle then you’re out of luck.

However, if you have an old one knocking about, it could earn you a pretty penny.

As reported by the Daily Mirror, some iPod Classics are being listed on eBay and Amazon for the equivalent of AED2,500 and up, while even second-hand versions look likely to fetch over AED1,000.

Some Nano models are already available for the same amount, while limited edition versions are on the market for even more.

The same goes for iPod Shuffles, and as the models come out of circulation there is every chance that the asking price goes up and up.

After all, who can forget the ridiculous prices quoted for iPhones with Flappy Bird after the app was discontinued in 2014.

Meanwhile, if you’re still keen to listen to music on an Apple device but don’t have one of their phones or tablets, the latest developments will soon leave the iPod Touch as your only remaining option.

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