Team shortlist16 Mar 2016 AT 05:53 PM

THE CHOSEN FEW: Mirrorless cameras

The perfect gift for avid shutterbugs
Team shortlist16 Mar 2016 AT 05:53 PM
1. Olympus PEN-F
1. Olympus PEN-F
2. Fujifilm X-Pro2
2. Fujifilm X-Pro2
3. Sony Alpha 7R II
3. Sony Alpha 7R II
4. Panasonic GX8
4. Panasonic GX8

Simpler, smaller and lighter than a DSLR, these cameras are perfect for travelling.

1. Olympus PEN-F
Despite its retro looks, this newly released camera is fully packed with the latest technology, such as a 20 megapixel sensor and a good range of lenses.
Price: AED4,405,

2. Fujifilm X-Pro2
The highlight of this update of the popular X-Pro1 is the latest Fuji 24 megapixel sensor. Fuji’s range of lenses, meanwhile, are improving all the time.
Price: AED6,499,

3. Sony Alpha 7R II
Taking the battle to Nikon and Canon, this already legendary SLR-style camera has a monster 42 megapixel sensor and an astonishing range of functionality.
Price: AED11,755,

4. Panasonic GX8
Its 20-megapixel sensor, high quality 4K video and robust wireless connectivity make it the perfect memory snapper for those who want both quality images and videos.
Price: AED3565,


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