Ai-generated Images Show Celebrities In Dubai Preparing And Serving Ramadan Iftar

Artificial intelligence has been widely accepted all around the world. Several AI tools have been used by many artists to produce exemplary results. Artificial intelligence tools and their products have been taken over by the internet for some time now. Several social media posts were made with the use of AI tools that took the internet by storm. 

An artist named Jyo John Mulloor (@jyo_john_mulloor) based in Dubai delivered a set of social media posts using AI tools that involved world celebrities cooking and serving iftar in the month of Ramadan in a Dubai street.

Prominent celebrities have been featured in a recent post of an AI artist on social media which went viral

The celebrities who have appeared in the posts are, Christiano Ronaldo, Pope Francis, will smith, Johnny Depp, Tom Cruise, Bruce Will, David Beckham, Emma Watson, and Keanu Reeves.

They are seen wearing an apron in the street of Karama in Dubai while mingling with the locals. More than 6 lakh likes have been gained by this single post by the AI artist. 

Prominent celebrities have been featured in a recent post of an AI artist on social media which went viral

Jyo john mulloor released these posts to spread the message of not wasting food and helping those in need. The artist also wishes this holy month of Ramadan to be of giving and donating surplus food to those who are in need. He encourages the people to bring a difference into the community. 

In the post, the charming footballer Christiano is seen serving the meal wearing an apron while Pope Francis is playing the role of a supervisor carefully looking at the fried snacks on the table. Keanu Reeves and Bruce Willis are trying to find something to eat. All the other celebrities are either preparing or serving the food with an apron on.  

The artist created the images with the help of mid journey which is an AI image generator tool.

Jyo john mulloor is an artificial intelligence enthusiast and an AI time traveler. Mulloor has also posted pictures of Mahatma Gandhi taking a selfie with some people, Jawaharlal Nehru posing with children, Virat Kohli walking in the middle of the crowd, Barak Obama and Messi seen holding a lantern wearing an Arabian costume, it all came to life by the magnificent use of the AI image generator.

Mark Zuckerberg and Elon Musk have also seen in the post. Every image had full of life in it which makes it so special and joyous. 

The artist captioned the pictures of jawaharlal nehru and mahatma gandhi as the beautiful selfies that his friends of the past sent him which he found while going through his old hard drive.  

Social media users seem to find it more mentally pleasing and stunning as it all seems too real. The users have complimented the artist for making such a realistic post by his mere imagination.

This Digital art has attracted many followers to the artist’s page since its posting on the social media platform and should have created many fans by now. More artists are trying AI tools each day for more possibilities and discoveries.  

Amidst all this fuss, another artist who is also an artificial intelligence enthusiast had reimagined pictures of wealthy people as poor using AI tools. It showed how billionaires would look if they lived in slums. The billionaires who appeared in his post were Mukesh Ambani, Donald Trump, Mark Zuckerberg, Elon Musk, Bill Gates, Jeff Bezos, and Warren Buffet.  

On the other hand, Google CEO Sundar Pichai has some concerns over the generative AI tools that are storming the internet. Pichai says that it would become necessary for countries to sign AI treaties in the future.

He added that the critical technology of artificial intelligence will have an impact on national security as well. The Google CEO was giving an interview on CBS 60 Minutes.   

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Meanwhile, Google has been building its very own artificial intelligence tools to be able to compete against OpenAI and Microsoft. Chtagpt by Openai is gaining more popularity and wider acceptance day by day.

The artificial intelligence technology marked a controversy when one of the artists created an image of Trump getting arrested. Many of the users thought that was for real because of the AI content.

However, AI continues to capture the hearts and minds of people with its extraordinary capabilities and mesmerizing results. It would be interesting to know what techniques AI technology has in store for our future.  

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