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Al Barsha Mall Dubai: Shops, Timings, Location, And More



Al Barsha Mall Dubai

Al Barsha Mall Dubai is a popular shopping spot and entertainment destination for locals and tourists. Located in the Al Barsha district of Dubai, this mall offers something for everyone. It has a wide variety of stores, including department stores, clothing outlets, electronics shops, restaurants, cafes, and even an ice rink.

The mall is situated on Sheikh Zayed Road, which makes it easily accessible by both public and private transport. Several bus lines pass through the mall, making it convenient to get there anywhere within the city. The metro also runs close by, so you can easily hop on the train to reach the mall quickly. Over 200 international brands offer everything from fashion items to electronics inside Al Barsha Mall.

The mall has several restaurants, bars, and cafes, including familiar international chains like McDonald’s and Starbucks. If you’re looking for entertainment, the mall has a cinema with six screens showing the latest releases in English and Arabic. There is also an ice rink within the premises, making it the perfect spot for families or groups of friends to enjoy some time together.

They offer many activities, such as bowling, arcades, and kids’ play areas for those who want to explore more than just shopping. There is even a mini golf course if you like trying something new. With so much on offer here, it’s no wonder that this mall is one of the most popular shopping and entertainment spots in Dubai. Visiting Al Barsha Mall is sure to be an excellent experience for everyone, so make sure you check it out on your next trip to Dubai! 

An Overview of Al Barsha Mall Dubai

Al Barsha Mall Dubai is a shopping mall in Al Barsha, Dubai. It opened in 2007 and has been a popular stop for tourists and locals. This mall is near the Emirates Mall and features over 90 retail outlets, food courts, restaurants, and recreational facilities such as an ice rink, bowling alley, and more.

Albarsha Mall

The mall offers shoppers various products, from fashion apparel to electronics. There is also an entertainment zone for children with games like karaoke and bowling lanes for adults. 

The plaza also houses the luxury brand Burlington Arcade catering to high-end customers looking for designer clothes, accessories, and cosmetics. This arcade was designed by renowned architects Foster + Partners and features many top international fashion brands. There is also an open-air terrace to take in the Arabian sunset while dining at one of the many restaurants. 

The Mall offers various services, such as banking, currency exchange, and valet parking. The mall has recently added an enormous fitness complex offering multiple sports activities and gym equipment. It also features advanced audio-visual facilities with surround sound, high-definition television screens, and 3D projection systems for movie screenings. 

With its luxurious atmosphere, modern amenities, and convenient location, Al Barsha Mall Dubai makes for an ideal shopping destination in Dubai. Whether you’re looking for everyday items or designer labels, the Mall can satisfy all your retail desires! 

Things to explore in Al Barsha Mall Dubai

Al Barsha Mall Dubai is a popular destination for shopping and entertainment. It is located in the heart of Al Barsha and provides various services, from local brands to high-end luxury goods. There are many stores, restaurants, and cafes to explore as you shop and dine.

Al Barsha Mall Shopping Options

Regarding shopping, Al Barsha Mall offers something for everyone, from small independent boutiques to large department stores like Carrefour Hypermarket.

You can find many products, from clothing and accessories, homeware and electronics, beauty products, toys, and books. The mall also features several designer outlets offering items at discounted prices. There’s the Dubai Souvenir shop for those looking for unique souvenirs or gifts for friends back home. 

Al Barsha Mall Restaurants

Regarding dining, this mall has something for everyone, from fast food places like McDonald’s to more upscale restaurants like the top-notch rooftop restaurant Amato.

food court albarsha mall

You can also find a wide range of cafes offering international cuisines such as Italian, Mexican, and Indian. Several food courts in the Al Barsha Mall offer affordable meals and snacks as well. For those looking for healthier options, there are plenty of juice bars and healthy eateries around the mall. 

Entertainment Options At Al Barsha Mall

The Mall also provides entertainment options and shopping and dining experiences. The large multiplex cinema is equipped with digital projection systems showing both domestic and international films, while there are also large gaming centers and virtual reality experiences available. Children will love the soft play area and karaoke room, while adults can enjoy a relaxing spa or beauty salon experience. 

Albarsha Mall Gamezone

Supermarkets In Al Barsha Mall

For those who prefer to shop in bulk, there’s Carrefour Hypermarket located in Al Barsha Mall Dubai. It is well-stocked with international at competitive prices, so you can stock up on groceries or other household items without breaking the bank.

Albarsha mall hypermarket

You can also find a pharmacy and flower shop inside the hypermarket for any last-minute purchases you need to make. 

Whether shopping, dining, or entertainment, Al Barsha Mall Dubai has something for everyone to explore and enjoy. Its wide range of stores, restaurants, and entertainment options will surely provide a memorable experience for everyone who visits. So explore the wonders of Dubai! 

Therefore, Al Barsha Mall Dubai offers an array of shopping, dining, and entertainment experiences that appeal to locals and tourists alike. There are plenty of opportunities to shop around in this bustling mall, from international brands to local boutiques.

Many food outlets also offer cuisines worldwide and several entertainment options such as multiplex cinemas and gaming centers. All in all, the mall provides something for everyone to enjoy and explore. This means you can be sure your visit will be enjoyable and memorable. So explore the wonders of Al Barsha Mall Dubai! You won’t regret it.

Al Barsha Mall Dubai Shops Timings and Contact Details

Al Barsha Mall Dubai offers visitors a wide range of shops to explore. Here is a list of the shops and their timings:

1Lifestyle10 AM – 10 PM+971 4 393 9098 
2Centrepoint10 AM – 12 PM+971 4 577 0299 
3Grand Stores11 AM – 11 PM+971 4 430 7293
4Al Homaizi Department Store10 AM – 10 PM+971 4 435 3777 
5BHS Kids Fashion & Toys10 AM – 11 PM+971 4 368 4550
6Splash9 AM – 10 PM+971 4 602 0388 
7New Look 9 AM – 11 PM+971 4 368 7047
8Mango10 AM – 10 PM+971 4 321 2442
9NEXT 9 AM – 12 AM+971 4 574 5900
10H&M11 AM-11 PM+9714 405 2859
11Boots Pharmacy 8 AM-12 Midnight+971 800 22222 
12Star Bazaar by Landmark Group8 AM–12 Midnight+9714 551 2500
13Jacky’s Electronics9 AM–12 Midnight+971 4 362 2000
14Carrefour8 AM–12 AM+971 4 444 0777
15 Sharaf DG10 AM-10 PM+971 800 344357
16Max Fashion9 AM–11 PM+9714 586 0660
17ACE Hardware10 AM–10 PM+971 4 424 3888
18Grand Optics by Grand Stores10 AM – 10 PM+971 4 430 7293
19Damas Jewellery & Gold11 AM-11 PM +9714 368 2444
20Al Jaber Optical11 AM – 10 PM+971 4 394 0040
21Al Aqili11 AM–11 PM+9714 558 8155
22Baby Shop10 AM–10 PM+9714 341 7486
23Happy Dragon Chinese Restaurant11 AM-12 Midnight+9714 425 6868
24McDonald’s9 AM-12 AM+9714 348 1193
25 KFC10 AM – 12 PM+971 4 343 4476

Where is Al Barsha Mall Located?

Al Barsha Mall is located at Sheikh Zayed Road, Al Barsha 1 and 2, close to the City Centre of Mirdiff in the United Arab Emirates. The mall is easily accessible from both Sharjah and Dubai International Airport.

It is also close to the Al Maktoum International Airport and the Jebel Ali Free Zone. With a total area of 25,000 square meters, this mall offers an outstanding shopping experience for locals and tourists.

There are around 135 shops that range from high-end fashion stores to local boutiques. It also has an entertainment area with cinemas, bowling alleys, and arcades. The mall also houses a large food court with some of the best restaurants in town. Al Barsha Mall Dubai also provides a great starting point for visitors who want to explore the city.

Here you can find all kinds of transportation, including taxis and buses, and access to some of the most popular attractions in Dubai, such as Palm Jumeirah and Burj Khalifa. In addition, this mall offers plenty of parking options for those with their vehicles.

Several ATMs are located inside the mall, so visitors can easily withdraw money if needed. With its wide range of retail outlets and entertainment areas, Al Barsha Mall is undoubtedly one of the best places in Dubai to spend an afternoon or evening.

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How to reach Al Barsha Mall?

Al Barsha Mall Dubai is easily accessible by public transport. From the airport, take the Dubai metro to either Sharaf DG or First Gulf Bank stations and then transfer to a local bus (F11, F13) that will take you directly to the mall.

Alternatively, taxi services from the airport and other parts of the city can be used to reach the mall easily and conveniently. The mall is also located on Sheikh Zayed Road if you travel by car and have GPS navigation. Parking facilities are available for those who choose this option. It’s pretty easy to get to Al Barsha Mall Dubai, regardless of your mode of transport! 

Al Barsha Mall Dubai Timings

Al Barsha Mall Dubai is open daily from 10:00 am to 11:00 pm. The mall has different operating hours for its various stores, with some outlets opening as early as 8:00 am and closing at midnight.

Parking is free from 6:00 pm until 11:30 pm on weekdays and from 2:00 pm to 11:30 pm on weekends. During public holidays the mall is open for extended hours. Please contact their customer service team or visit their website for more information about Al Barsha Mall’s timings. 

Payment methods accepted at the Mall include cash, debit cards, credit cards (Visa and MasterCard), Apple Pay, and Google Pay. All major currencies are accepted here. For more information about the payment methods accepted at the Mall, please get in touch with their customer service team or visit their website.

We hope that this answers your question about Al Barsha Mall Dubai Timings! Please do not hesitate to reach out. Thank you for choosing this Mall as your shopping destination! Have a great day!

Entry fee for Al Barsha Mall Dubai

Al Barsha Mall Dubai does not charge an entry fee. All visitors to the mall can enter without paying any fees or charges.

Visitors will only be required to pay for the items they purchase at the retail outlets in the mall. Several restaurants, cafes, and entertainment venues within Al Barsha Mall Dubai may require separate fees or charges depending on their services and amenities.

Al Barsha Mall Dubai Services and facilities

Al Barsha Mall Dubai offers a wide range of services and facilities to ensure visitors have an enjoyable shopping experience. It boasts several restaurants, cafes, fast food outlets, and snack bars serving delicious meals in no time.

AL Barsha Mall Beautiful view

The mall features over 150 outlet stores with designer labels and popular brands like Zara, Mango, H&M, and Nike. Additionally, it houses cinemas showing the latest movies and entertainment activities for kids, like trampolines and play areas. There is also a post office within the mall to help shoppers send items back home quickly and easily.

Furthermore, free Wi-Fi is available throughout Al Barsha Mall Dubai, so visitors can stay connected while they shop or relax in one of its many seating areas. Finally, the mall provides valet parking to make it convenient for visitors arriving by car.

All these amenities and services make Al Barsha Mall Dubai an excellent destination for residents and tourists. Whether you’re looking for some retail therapy or want to spend a few hours away from the city’s hustle and bustle, this shopping center should be noticed.

Al Barsha Mall Dubai courtesy policy

At Al Barsha Mall Dubai, we strive to ensure that every guest has an enjoyable and memorable experience in our mall. That’s why we have established a courtesy policy for all visitors to adhere to when visiting us. 

Al Barsha Mall inside view

We ask that visitors respect the security staff at Al Barsha Mall Dubai by not engaging in any activities that could cause harm or disruption to other guests, such as smoking, fighting, drinking alcohol, or taking drugs inside the mall. We also ask that visitors be respectful of other shoppers and not engage in disorderly conduct or offensive language while on the property. 

When using any electronic devices inside the mall premises—such as cell phones and cameras—we kindly request that all visitors abide by the mall’s rules and regulations, as well as the laws of Dubai. Furthermore, we ask that all visitors are mindful of any potentially hazardous items they may bring into the mall, such as weapons or sharp objects. 

Ultimately, we aim to ensure a pleasant experience for all Al Barsha Mall Dubai shoppers. We ask that all visitors kindly respect the other guests and adhere to our courtesy policy to maintain an enjoyable atmosphere for everyone. Thank you for being so cooperative! 

Al Barsha Mall Dubai Contact information

Al Barsha Mall Dubai can be contacted at +971 4 328 8800 or by email at [email protected].Their customer service center can also answer any queries and provide further information at +971 4 363 6221.

Al Barsha Mall Dubai Online Shopping

They have an online store where shoppers can purchase items from their homes to make things even more convenient. They offer free delivery for purchases over AED 100 with flexible payment options and secure transaction processing. Enjoy a hassle-free shopping experience in Dubai!

Furthermore, the mall has a dedicated customer service team available 24/7 to assist customers in any way possible. Whether it helps with finding something you are looking for or just general inquiries – Al Barsha Mall will go out of its way to ensure you have an enjoyable shopping experience. Lastly, they offer loyalty programs and discounts to reward frequent shoppers and add more value to their products and services. So, visit Al Barsha Mall Dubai today and enjoy the best deals, discounts, and quality products!

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is so special about Al Barsha Mall Dubai?

The Mall is located in the heart of Dubai City, offering its customers a unique shopping experience with its wide range of stores and entertainment outlets. It features more than 100 retailers, international brands, cafes, and restaurants, along with cinemas and amusement centers for kids and family fun activities.

2. What can I do at Al Barsha Mall? 

You can shop until you drop by the many stores inside the mall or enjoy the entertainment offerings. There are also movie theaters to watch your favorite movies, arcades, and game centers to freshen up your day, along with many eateries to satisfy your appetite. 

3. What are the opening hours of Al Barsha Mall?

The mall operates from 10 am to 12 midnight on weekdays, while on weekends, it is open from 10 am to 1 am.

4. Is there a parking facility at Al Barsha Mall? 

Yes, the Mall offers plenty of secure and convenient parking spaces with valet service available for customers’ convenience.

5. Does Al Barsha Mall have any promotions or discounts? 

From time to time, Al Barsha Mall offers many promotions and discounts on its products and services, such as special value meals, family deals, anniversary discounts, and more. To stay updated on the latest offers, you can follow the mall’s social media channels or visit its website for more information.

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