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VIDEO: Human slingshot in Dubai goes viral



A video has gone viral showing a massive human slingshot between two buildings in Dubai. The short clip was posted by Zayna Al-Hamarneh, however, the post doesn’t specify who shot the video or what it was for.

Towards the end, people in high-visibility jackets wave their hands for the camera to be turned off, making it look like the stunt has gone wrong. Since posting it has been viewed 39,000 times and received 883 shares. Many people have commented to say that the video is clearly a fake.

Mohammed Vj wrote: “This is fake. It’s after effect or something like that [sic].” While Mo Yassin said: “That’s no way for real.”

If anyone has more information on where the mysterious video comes from, we’d love to hear from you. Watch the stunt that’s got everyone talking below.

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