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VIDEO: This is what an AED77,000 Emirates upgrade gets you



YouTuber Casey Neistat is used to life in the fast lane, regularly documenting his luxurious adventures on social media. But even he couldn’t hide his excitement when Emirates upgraded him from Business Class to First Class, on a flight from DXB to JFK – apparently worth a whopping AED77,000!

Despite being surrounded by Estee Lauder toiletries, a wide screen TV and a personal mini-bar, Casey is most excited about the fact that he has his own electric sliding doors, which turn his seat into something like a small bedroom.

In the privacy of his own pod, there’s no need to ask someone to wake him up when the food trolley comes past. He can simply order whatever he likes, whenever he likes, from the five-star in-fight menu. Of course, he opts for the caviar.

Once fed and watered, the seat can be reclined into a bed, which he claims is comfier than his bed at home… Emirates even provide you with pyjamas to make sure your experience is as relaxing as possible.

Before the flight lands there’s time to use the on-board shower. Each First Class customer is allocated 30 minutes, however, the water only runs for five. He takes some time to chill in the “spa” area to make sure he’s refreshed for landing.

He called the 14-hour flight “one of the greatest days of my life”, and while that may sound like an overstatement, it does look pretty amazing. Apparently if he was to have paid for the upgrade it would have cost him around AED77,000, so it’s no wonder that the service is beyond five-star.

Commenting on his epic flight experience, he said: “It really does change your whole relationship with travel, when you take the most painful part of travelling and instead of that being a terrible experience, it goes from pain to pleasure.”

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