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7 things we learned from Sheikh Mohammed’s open letter



Over the weekend, His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, ruler of Dubai and Vice President of the UAE, shared an open letter on LinkedIn to mark a “decade of achievements”. As you would expect from the UAE’s much-admired ruler, it’s extremely inspiring.

He says that after ten years, we can ask ourselves “what is the outcome of all this work and activity?”

1. Despite the global financial crisis, the UAE’s economy is growing.
“Our economy has doubled in the past ten years, from a GDP of 663 billion dirhams to 1,360 billion dirhams, an improvement which has provided jobs and underpinned considerable economic and commercial opportunities for the citizens and residents of our country.”

2. The UAE is diversifying to be less dependant on oil.
“Our non-petroleum exports have increased from 113 billion dirhams when I assumed office to 603 billion dirhams (including free zone trade) in the past year.”

3. The UAE used to be the world’s 32nd most competitive economy, now it’s the 16th.
“This has placed the young nation of the UAE on a par with countries who have hundreds of years of development behind them.”

4. There has been a huge investment in the health sector.
“Our expenditure on the health sector has increased from 1.18 billion dirhams when I first assumed office to over 3.82 billion currently. The number of doctors has increased from ten to over seventeen thousand.”

5. The Kindergarten enrolment rate is among the highest globally.
“The rate of high school graduation has also reached 93%, which also makes us among the highest globally as well.”

6. The UAE is a global leader in some indicators.
“Our nation leads globally in a number of indictors, such as the quality of our public infrastructure, roads, maritime and aviation facilities, public safety and security, the rate of female enrolment in our universities, government efficiency and trust in the government, among others.”

7. The number of road accident fatalities is decreasing.
“Today, thanks to the sincere and assiduous work by the teams at the Ministry of Interior, the rate stands at 5.9 to every 100 thousand and continues to improve.”

Showing his great vision to strive for the best, Sheikh Mohammed points out that, although the UAE has made great improvements in some areas, there are still challenges to overcome. “There is no room for procrastination, no time for delay. History is a witness to all of us,” he writes. Read the full letter here.

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