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Everything you need to know about Red Bull Cliff Diving Dubai



Despite the clear absence of cliffs, Red Bull is hosting the Red Bull Cliff Diving World Series final in Dubai Marina. But what it lacks in cliffs it makes up for in tall buildings, and Pier 7 will play host to the adrenaline-fuelled event on October 28.

The sport sees competitors jump from heights of 27 metres, which means reaching speeds of 85 kilometres per hour. From the initial jump to hitting the water, the diver is falling for around three seconds.

Where should I watch it?
Many of Pier 7’s restaurants provide the perfect view to watch divers flipping and spinning into the water. The likes of Asia Asia and The Scene have a terrace where you can see all the action.

What is cliff diving?
It’s a dangerous sport that comes with intense training and an element of risk. In order for the divers to perform flips and twists at such high speeds, there’s also some maths involved. According to Red Bull, the divers accelerate from the platform at 9.8m/s, which is almost as fast as a Bugatti Veyron, making them hit the water at up to three times the force of gravity (a much-debated point in the ShortList office, but according to a physics professor, this is actually possible).

What is the Red Bull Cliff Diving World Series?
There will be 15 divers taking part in the action, from countries including the UK, Germany, USA, Mexico and Russia. Being an international event, the competition has quite a few stops before it arrives in Dubai Marina. First they will be hitting the water in Texas, before heading off to Copenhagen, Sao Miguel, La Rochelle, Polignano a Mare, Pembrokeshire, Mostar and Shirahama.

Dubai Marina will host the main event though, and organisers are clearly pleased with their choice of location. The event page on Red Bull’s website says, “… this is set to be a spectacular setting for the finale of Red Bull Cliff Diving 2016, whoever tops the podium.”

Catch the action on Friday, October 28, 2016, from 8pm

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