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4 awesome attractions at Dubai Canal



The trickle has started. The Dubai Canal, plotting its 3.2 kilometre course from Jumeirah Beach Park up to Business Bay, is now gradually filling up with water, and it won’t be long before the project’s key elements will add themselves to Dubai’s already growing list of attractions. Here are the four we’re most excited about.

1. Places to walk
It’s now November, so things to do outside are very much in our mind. The Canal will feature “The Walk”, a seven-kilometre promenade that will eventually connect with the Jumeirah Beach running track. There’ll also be three footbridges, plenty of sitting areas and loads of greenery. Why can’t we have this now?
Estimated completion: Q1 2017 (the bridges)

2. Jumeirah Beach extension
Dubai seems to be slightly obsessed with adding more coastline so its probably little surprise that the canal will be topped off with a curving new peninsula that, when finished, will add an additional kilometre to Jumeirah Beach. The peninsula itself will be home to a marina, a series of luxury residences and a couple of five-star hotel rooms and loads of restaurants. Someone say staycation?
Estimated completion: TBC

3. The Gate Towers
This is a massive “pi” symbol of a building in Business Bay signals the start of the canal. In addition to a load of apartments, the structure will house a three-level mall with 434 retail outlets and, best of all, a massive park on the roof that will look down the length of the waterway. In your face, High Line.
Estimated completion: 2020

4. Aykon Dare
A terrifying attraction on the 80th floor of a skyscraper in the new Aykon City development, Aydon Dare will allow visitors to almost literally walk in the clouds and circumnavigate one of the tallest buildings in Dubai – all while strapped to a safety harness, of course. Similar to Edge Walk at Toronto’s CN Tower.
Estimated completion: October 2021

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