VIDEO: Sheikh Zayed Road now has a waterfall!

Sheikh Zayed Road now has a waterfall! Before you start panicking about manoeuvring your way through water as you cruise through the traffic, it’s flowing from the bridge that runs over Dubai Canal.

Multimedia show production specialist and CEO of Magical Water Fountain, Phillippe Aerts, shared a video of the waterfall during a test on his Instagram account along with the caption: “Coming soon the new Landmark of Dubai…the first 25% of waterfalls Safa park running on tests…”


In a previous post he explained that 80 well sea water pumps were being installed in Dubai Canal, as part of the RTA’s project. These pumps mean that the waterfall can be turned on and off when necessary – basically so we don’t need to worry about getting soaked if we pass under the bridge on a boat.


He also posted a picture of his team hard at work, saying: “24hours 7days a week in 3 shifts… Fantastic job of our Magical Water rigging team. Waterfalls starting to be a reality soon…”


The Dubai Canal, plotting its 3.2 kilometre course from Jumeirah Beach Park up to Business Bay, now has water flowing through it, and it won’t be long before the project’s key elements will add themselves to Dubai’s already growing list of attractions. Here are the four we’re most excited about.

Although the canal is scheduled to open any day now, there are plenty of projects taking place along its waterfront that we can look forward to in the near future.

It’s now November, so things to do outside are very much in our mind. The Canal will feature “The Walk”, a seven-kilometre promenade that will eventually connect with the Jumeirah Beach running track. There’ll also be three footbridges, plenty of sitting areas and loads of greenery scheduled for completion in the first quarter of 2017.

Click on the link below to find out what other exciting projects are coming to the Dubai Canal.

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