PICTURES: Inside Motiongate Dubai

There’s nothing that makes a fully grown adult giddy with the excitement of a child quite like rollercoaster… except maybe a free brunch or a national holiday. So when you pack 27 rides into one amusement park and give it a Hollywood theme, the big kids of Dubai are understandably enthusiastic. And the long wait for Motiongate Dubai is almost over.

The theme park, which is part of the massive Dubai Parks & Resorts, will open its doors in December, although an exact date hasn’t been specified. The latest pictures show that the enormous entertainment space is almost ready for its grand opening, with many rides completed.

The Hollywood-inspired rides, which take inspiration from DreamWorks Animation and Sony Pictures Studios, will feature attractions including one that blasts you up a 58 metre tower to escape a horde of zombies – no prizes for guessing which film that’s based on.

“The best theme park experience is one that offers guests an unrivalled journey with rides and attractions that delivers excitement and entertainment for everyone. What the team has built here in Motiongate Dubai is unparalleled, and I know that we’ll astonish our guests with every visit,” said managing director of Motiongate, John Hallenbeck.

Of course there’s all the family stuff, including actors dressed as kung fu panda and the smurfs. But if you’re anything like us, it’s all about those white-knuckle rides. There will be five major roller coasters, including The Green Hornet: High Speed Chase, which is described as a “pursuit through dizzying drops and sharp turns.” If, like us, you were wondering if The Hunger Games ride would involve being chased by teenagers with weapons, you’d be wrong… Thankfully. The Capitol Bullet Train is said to be an “adrenaline pumping roller coaster which launches guests through 360 degrees of thrill.”

The fastest roller coaster in the park is the Madagascar Mad Pursuit, while Dragon Gliders is a one-of-a-kind suspended ride inspired by How To Train Your Dragon.

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