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American expats in the UAE explain what they’ll do if Trump wins



We asked some American expats what they’ll do if Hillary doesn’t get voted into the top job. It’s not long until we find out who will be in the White House for the next four years. But even the merest possibility of a Trump win is freaking people out. Like this lot…

Lauren, from Connecticut
“My plan? Crawl under a blanket and watch kitten videos on YouTube. I don’t want to go back. I’ll renounce being American. Turn in my passport. Work on my British accent. Be nice to everybody because you don’t want to be the American who let that thing into power.”

Chad, from Chicago 
“I’m voting for Trump… No, just kidding. My strategy? Looking for my Xanax. There’s nowhere you can escape the impact of Trump as president. It won’t just change American’s lives, it will change everyone’s.”

Nila, from Massachusetts 
“If Trump does get elected, it means that the fear and hatred he has sewn throughout the campaign have become the dominant feelings in the US – more than the optimism, opportunity and freedom we pride ourselves on. Not only will it impact my decision to remain an expat in Dubai, it will make me second guess whether or not I want to be part of the US political machine at all. Bottom line: I would never move back to the US while Trump is president. In fact, I’d take steps towards changing nationalities.”

Erica, from Virginia
“I know my parents are freaking out. They’ve already told me they’re going to move out to Dubai if Trump wins! More seriously, my husband is Iraqi, so  a Trump win – and his proposals for Muslims – will directly affect us and our long-term goal of moving back to the US; I just hope Congress would provide an effective check on those plans. I was in Amman in 2008 when Barack Obama won and, when I walked in the office the following day, I received a standing ovation, as though it was my doing! But there was such pride in what the US had done. Now? If Trump wins, I’ll be very wary of going into the office on Wednesday morning…”

Johanna, from New York City
“My post-Trump plan? Start telling people I’m Canadian and start hoarding US Dollars once it tanks. Can a country share a moment of mass hysteria? You bet it can.”

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