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How newspapers in the Arab World greeted Trump’s win



Donald Trump’s presidency is stirring up opinion across the world. Here’s what five editorials in the Arab World had to say about it…

“The country in general is bracing for a political disaster. Most educated urbanites, left and right, understand this. One can only hope that Mr Trump, who has been something of a chameleon in the past, will change again now he’s in office. For many decades, Mr Trump lived as a relatively liberal Manhattan socialite, so his current white nationalist identity is in fact a persona recently adopted for a political campaign he has now won. There is a chance, then, that he will govern very differently from how he campaigned.”
Hussein Ibish, The National (UAE), November 12

“The Arab world cannot be pleased about the imminent arrival of Donald Trump in the White House. He has very little interest in the Middle East and his comments during the presidential election campaign have been ill-informed… Trump’s lack of interest in the Arab world may have a particularly disastrous impact in Syria and Iraq, where he may pull back from ending the civil war, other than a simplistic attack on ISIS, with little regard for supporting any necessary political rebuilding of the nation-states of the region.”
Editorial, Gulf News (UAE), November 11

“For those of us who opposed Donald Trump, the response to Tuesday’s vote could be anger or honest reflection. I’m not by nature an angry person, so I will try the latter. Trump remade the political map with a huge surge of support from working-class whites, particularly in rural communities. Let me be honest, this is a world I don’t know – and many people probably don’t know very well – and that’s part of the problem. We have all managed to ignore the pain of rural America.”
Fareed Zakaria, Daily Star (Lebanon), November 12

“I find it surprising that many observers are surprised that Mr Trump is now sounding more ‘presidential’, that Mr Obama has welcomed him at the White House and that Mrs Clinton has said that he ‘deserves a chance to lead’. Whether or not Donald Trump will be a good US president is a different question. Judging by his post-election statements so far, one shouldn’t be worried yet.”
Faisal Abbas, Arab News (Saudi Arabia), November 12

“Trump and the Republican’s big issue of waging war on ‘radical Islam’ will not produce any major change from the current Obama strategy, but there will be big words followed by a scary kind of Islamphobia in the US.”
Daoud Kuttab, Jordan Times (Jordan), November 9

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