Team shortlist23 Jan 2017 AT 10:52 AM

Extra charge of AED3 on Uber and Careem rides in Dubai

A new surcharge has just been introduced from the RTA
Team shortlist23 Jan 2017 AT 10:52 AM
Extra charge of AED3 on Uber and Careem rides in Dubai
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Thinking about getting an Uber or Careem today? Or any other day for that matter? It just got a little bit more expensive.

According to Careem, the Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) “are now applying a fee on all rides taken with app-based ride hailing platforms.” Which means that every trip will cost an extra AED3, which will go straight to the RTA.

The email from Careem reads:

“The RTA has introduced new regulations for services like ours across Dubai- they are now applying a fee on all rides taken with app based ride hailing platforms. We’d like to take a moment to explain how this will affect you. 

“Effective 23 January 2017 at 00:00 Dubai time each trip you take with us originating in Dubai will carry a surcharge of AED 3. Careem will pass all of the surcharges onto the RTA. Vist our blog to learn more.

“For Careem to continue to serve you here in Dubai, it's important for us to comply with RTA regulations. By taking this step, you can be sure our service will remain uninterrupted and continue to improve. 

“Thank you for making Careem the region’s success story it is today. Dubai is where it all started for us and we will always love serving this great city.”

Although Uber has not made a similar statement, it seems that both companies will have this AED3 charge as, according to Careem, it applies to all app-based ride hailing platforms.

This comes after news that the RTA is working with Uber to explore cheaper journeys for customers by offering RTA taxis through the app. This is very similar to the deal that RTA signed with Careem last year.

And that’s not the only partnership that Careem has locked down lately. The taxi app teamed up with NEXT Future Transportation  to explore introducing driverless taxi pods to Dubai. The cars can be used individually or linked to form a bus-shaped vehicle allowing passengers to move from one pod to another. Each pod will be able to take six seated and ten standing passengers.

This is in-line with an announcement from His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice-President and Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai, that 25 percent of all trips in Dubai should be smart and driverless by 2030.

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