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12 HH Sheikh Mohammed quotes to live by



His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Ruler of Dubai and Vice President of the UAE, is known for his pearls of wisdom. In fact, he has a book called Flashes of Wisdom, which is a collection of some of his poignant life quotes. Here we’ve put together a list of some of our favourite things that Dubai’s ruler has said over the years.

1. “What makes us proud of our nation is not the height of our buildings, the breadth of our streets, or the magnitude of our shopping malls, but rather the openness and tolerance of our nation. Our pride stems from the fact that we are a country where everyone thrives equally regardless of their differences[…]”

2. “There is no room for procrastination, no time for delay. History is a witness to all of us.”

3. “We are building a new reality for our people, a new future for our children, and a new model of development.”

4. “I live a simple life, my life away from leadership is very simple. I wake up early, clean up and pray. I have breakfast with my family. Sometimes I visit my friends, have a cup of coffee, or visit shopping malls and have lunch at a restaurant one of them recommends and see people. This simple life makes me happy.”

5. “The project’s designs didn’t exceed 80 floors, but I thought thoroughly and pondered deeply to make Burj Khalifa the most wonderful structure and tallest building in the region so that it would be a tourist destination par excellence; this is what happened. Now, the downtown attracts thousands of tourists from all parts of the globe.”

6. “An easy life does not make men, nor does it build nations. Challenges make men, and it is these men who build nations.”

7. “I once read an article in a foreign newspaper saying: luck smiles back at Dubai. I respond: when they want to diminish your achievements, they attribute them to luck!”

8. “Without challenges, success and excellence won’t exist, especially when such a success is meant for the homeland and its fruit is harvested by the citizens. Without challenges, we won’t feel the taste of success and happiness we wish for our people in this dear land.”

9. “I used to sleep in the desert once every week, now it is every two weeks, most of the time alone. It’s beautiful. What I enjoy is taking my food and cooking for myself.”

10. “Every day, I walk three kilometres, sometimes, 10 kilometres and some other times 20 kilometres. Sport is an integral part in my daily life. I exercise all types of sports, including horse riding and other sports that develop both body and mind.”

11. “We, in the UAE, have no such word as “impossible”; it does not exist in our lexicon. Such a word is used by the lazy and the weak, who fear challenges and progress. When one doubts his potential and capabilities as well as his confidence, he will lose the compass that leads him to success and excellence, thus failing to achieve his goal. I require you, youth, to insist on number one.”

12. “We do not want to see any discrimination based on color, sect or origin.”

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