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UAE gas prices to rise in February



The price of petrol in the UAE is set to go up again in February.

An announcement from The Ministry of Energy on Sunday confirmed that the price of Super 98 will go up from AED1.91 to AED2 per litre, an increase of 4.7 percent. Special 95 will go from AED1.80 to AED1.89, while E Plus will increase from AED1.73 to AED1.82.

Diesel will also go up from AED1.94 to AED2 per litre.

The price of gas in the UAE also went up last year, however, it has been increasing at a much slower rate than international prices.

We previously reported about the price of gas going up in July 2015, when it was confirmed that the price of Special 95 would increase from AED1.72 to AED2.14, however the price fell and rose again at various points in the year.

The UAE revises fuel prices at the end of every month, in-line with international oil benchmarks.

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