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Snow expected to fall in the UAE this weekend



The National Centre of Meteorology and Seismology (NCMS) has tweeted a weather report explaining that the UAE will be affected by deep low pressure over the weekend. This means that temperatures are expected to drop significantly from Thursday, and parts of the UAE could reach below zero.

According to the report, clouds will increase over the weekend “associated with some rainfall especially coastal, islands and northern areas, with probability of extending rainfall towards some of internal areas, maybe some snowfall over high mountains.”

Yes, you read that right – snow. Although the snowfall will be in the UAE, it’s unlikely that you’ll see if unless you go looking for it, as it’s expected to be in the high mountains. However, there is a chance of rainfall across the country.

At the bottom of the report in bold writing, it reads: “…take care of strong wind which causes poor visibility due to blowing sand/dust and blowing of unfixed objects.” The sea is also expected to be pretty rough, so if you’ve got a fishing trip planned, it’s probably best to reschedule.

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