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WATCH: Richard Hammond wasn’t expecting to lose this Dubai drag race



The final episode of The Grand Tour sees Jeremy Clarkson, James May and Richard Hammond park up in Dubai and, as expected, it’s awesome. The city is comfortably the world’s adopted home of supercars, and the trio took full advantage during their visit.

In this clip below, Hammond takes a Porche 918 onto Sheikh Zayed Road for a drag race with a Bugatti Veyron, saying: “representing the future here.” He represents the future pretty well, edging past the Bugatti Veyron and taking the lead just before they cross the finish line.

“I was going to call it a day at that,” he explains. “But there’s a bloke here that wants to race his Nissan. It’s a bit embarrassing, really, but you don’t want to upset the locals so okay, race is on, here we go.”

He sits in the car to “get this over with” but as soon as they start the Nissan Patrol pulls way out in front of his Porche 918. The Nissan wins, leaving Hammond dumbfounded.

Many people on the internet appear to be similarly confused. MAIAbdouli started a thread on Reddit to explain how this is possible.

“Almost every family in UAE has either a Nissan Patrol or a Toyota landcruiser. Nissan manufactures it only for middle east and Australia. It comes in 2 or 4 door configuration,” he says. “The stock car has 4.8 L straight six that puts 285 hp and has either 5 speed manual or automatic. People buy them as workhorses and for offroad.

Most of them are modified.”

Others commented to say that it looks like the Nissan has “slicks instead of regular road tyres” and that it has been “lowered several inches”.

While lots of people were impressed with the race, others were disappointed that the show didn’t explain how the Nissan’s win was possible.

SoSeriousAndDeep wrote on Reddit: “Yeah. As cool as it was to see a Veyron again, that Patrol was something special. Maybe explaining it was too technical for a show like TGT, but it would have been interesting; that said, they were pushed for time anyway in the episode.”

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