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UAE could get more rainfall than ever before



Worried it isn’t raining much these days? That could all be about to change, with the UAE on course to receive more regular rainfall than ever before.

The UAE’s Masdar Institute has filed a patent in the USA to use innovative cloud seeding material.

In a statement on its website, the Institute said: “It also signifies a milestone towards achieving greater water security in the UAE, as rainfall enhancement via cloud seeding can potentially increase rainfall between 10% to 30%, helping to refresh groundwater reserves, boost agricultural production, and reduce the country’s heavy reliance on freshwater produced by energy-intensive seawater desalination.”

Masdar Institute Professor of Chemical and Environmental Engineering, Dr. Linda Zou, is the principal investigator of this research project, and one of the first scientists in the world to explore the use of nanotechnology to enhance a cloud seeding material’s ability to produce rain.

“Using nanotechnology to accelerate water droplet formation on a typical cloud seeding material has never been researched before. It is a new approach that could revolutionize the development of cloud seeding materials and make them significantly more efficient and effective,” Dr. Zou said.

So, when is it going to start seriously raining? Don’t buy an umbrella just yet. Well, Dr Zou has received a grant that will cover two more years of research, during which her team will continue to study different design concepts and structures for cloud seeding materials inspired by nanotechnology.”

After that, assuming everything works, we could be just a handful of years away from fairly regular rain in the UAE.

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