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This Dubai restaurant thought a diner was David Guetta



During our usual afternoon scroll through the endless universe that is the internet we stumbled upon a supposed picture of David Guetta dining at Radisson Blu Dubai…

Now, that’s not all that surprising given that he lives in Dubai, but something didn’t seem right. We’re not David Guetta experts, but that’s not David Guetta…

It wasn’t just us who thought that it looked nothing like the French award-winning DJ. Twitter was having none of it.

Curious to get to the bottom of who the man is, we contacted the venue’s PR and Marketing department, who despite some back and forth banter haven’t confirmed who this man is, or why he was mistaken for a 49-year-old DJ. They claim he was attending a VVIP private dinner party, and took pictures with lots of people. Interesting.

It leaves us with so many questions – who is this Guetta imposter? We want to find him and shake his hand. Well played sir. Or, is he actually a famous person who we don’t recognise, taking the mistaken identity in good humour? Let us know your thoughts.

UPDATE: Radisoon Blu’s PR department have been in touch again. It turns out that the man in question had no idea people thought he was David Guetta that evening, however, he has taken it in good humour as he is used to being mistaken for the DJ. He also wants to confirm that he paid for his own meal!

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