Kate-Lynne Wolmarans20 Feb 2017 AT 11:15 AM

Plans for world's first rotating skyscraper in Dubai

Imagine a view that changes minute-to-minute
Kate-Lynne Wolmarans20 Feb 2017 AT 11:15 AM
Dubai Tower, UAE
Dubai Tower, UAE

Remember when things like building cities on Mars and floating apartments were the stuff of sci-fi movies? Well, as of last week, the UAE is planning to build a city in Mars in the next 100 years and floating apartments very much exist, so it's time for the next architectural wonder.

Introducing Dynamic Tower - the world's first rotating tower, which gives you a constantly changing view. Each apartment in the 80-storey Dubai tower which has been designed by revolutionary architect, David Fisher, will have the ability to rotate a full 360 degrees.

The project was put on hold years ago, after initial plans were revealed in 2008, but now it seems that developers are keen to get the project back on track. Your Discovery Science posted a video with interview clips from Fisher, who sounds enthusiastic about the project.


So, how are they build it? Every unit will be built as a separate entity complete with plumbing and electricals offsite and once it’s done, it will be connected to the building’s core.

But these aren't any old apartments... they're pretty special.

Not only can the apartments rotate a full 360 degrees, they can do so at a pace of your choice. “It’s all voice activated, you can go faster, slower, start and even stop. The change is smooth and soft,” says Fisher in the video.

You can also rotate your apartment according to the sunlight – meaning you can either follow the sun or stay in the shade. Nice.

The best bit, besides the constant changing view, is the fact that the electricity is free – there’ll be wind turbines between each floor.

The free power may help soften the blow for what you’re about to read next… each apartment costs a whopping US$30 million.

So, once you’ve paid for your apartment – we know it’s expensive but we can dream – all you need to do is take the elevator located on the tower’s stationary core, select your floor number and viola, you’re now in your apartment. Don’t worry about the moving floors, they pick up speed gradually.

Speaking on his grand design which by the looks of his renderings is scheduled to be built on Sheikh Zayed Road, Fisher says: “I call this building ‘designed by life, shaped by time.’ I think that this building will make people think that anything is possible in life, whoever had doubts, has no doubts now.” 

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