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Instagram star snaps terrifying picture in Dubai Marina



Social media is filling up with dangerous Dubai stunts thick and fast. In the past week we’ve had stories on YouTubers Viki Odintcova and James Kingston, who both attracted a lot of attention after posting videos of climbing stunts.

The city seems to be becoming increasingly popular for these dangerous social media posts, due to the plethora of skyscrapers around.

19-year-old Harry Gallagher is the latest Instagram star to use Dubai as a climbing frame. Yesterday he posted a picture from the top of what looks like Tiger Tower (also known as Marina Pinnacle) with his feet dangling over the edge.

The daredevil, who is known for photographing his antics around the streets of London, recently made headlines for climbing 800ft to the top of One Canada Square, the third tallest building in London. British Police have said that they are investigating the incident.

A post shared by Harry Gallagher (@night.scape) on

A post shared by Harry Gallagher (@night.scape) on

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