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New stricter baggage rules at Dubai Airport



If you have a holiday planned and you’re flying from Dubai International Airport, it’s probably best that you leave your favourite sports bag at home. New baggage rules are being brought in to try to reduce the risk of baggage delays and improve service.

From March 8, 2017, you won’t be able to check-in a bag that has an irregular shape, a round surface, no flat surface, or is oversized.

“Dubai International provides some of the most sophisticated baggage systems in the world,” said Ali Angizeh, Vice President of Terminal Operations at Dubai International Airport.

“However, even the most technologically advanced systems can be disrupted by irregular shaped or oversized bags. Bags that are round or do not have a flat surface of any kind are by far the largest source of baggage jams. These jams can shut down sections of our system, delay baggage delivery to the aircraft and inconvenience our customers.”

The website has been updated with all the new rules, so if you’re unsure of anything, check before you fly. Apparently if you arrive with baggage that doesn’t meet the standards, you’ll be charged a fee to repack it in boxes.

Give the regulations on their website a read to be on the safe side –

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