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Dubai is building the city’s largest park



A massive new park is being built in Dubailand, which will cover 1.4 million square metres – that’s the same size as Hyde Park in London and three times bigger than Dubai’s Zabeel Park.

The new destination will increase Dubai’s public space by 17 percent once complete.

We can expect it to be pretty amazing, with 30km of pathways, a 20km running track, 14km for cycling and 7km of nature trails. There will also be 55 playgrounds for children, 45 sports grounds and five events areas.

It’s hoped that the new hub will encourage people to spend time outdoors and lead an active lifestyle. There will also be plenty of space for shops, restaurants and coffee shops.

In addition to providing residents with a beautiful space to enjoy, the new park is expected to improve air quality in the surrounding area. As part of the project, there will be smart-solutions such as an on-site power generator and waste recycling.

But being Dubai, there’s a modern touch to the plans, as the park will have WiFi connectivity and smart cards for purchasing.

The first phase of construction will see 318,000 square metres completed, and work is set to start this year. This initial stage will include a 4km running track, 7km pedestrian walkway and a 2km cycling track.

Hussain Lootah, director general of Dubai Municipality, said: “The project will establish the largest public park in Dubai, and will meet the highest levels of sustainability while raising environmental awareness among its visitors.”

Ahmad Bin Byat, vice chairman and managing director, Dubai Holding, added: “In addition to enhancing the natural landscape and attracting tourists, every major city, including New York, London and Singapore, has an iconic park that reflects its cultural and social identity. The provision of green, open spaces play a pivotal role in elevating the quality of life among residents, creating a desire to explore new pursuits and enjoy favourite pastimes.

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