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Pacquiao vs Khan UAE fight called off



Right boxing fans, we have some news for you. It seems as though our dreams of seeing Manny Pacquiao and Amir Khan fight in Dubai will just have been wait. Yep, the deal is no longer on. *Sighs*

According to Bob Arum, Pacquiao’s promoter, the deal just seemed too good to be true. Confused? Yeah, so are we. But here’s what he said: “When they contacted me, I told them it was pie in the sky. That this is crazy, it’s not going to happen.”

He adds: “Manny wanted to roll the dice. He rolled the dice and it came up snake eyes. If something is too good to be true, it’s too good to be true.”

Now, that they’ve temporarily crushed that dream – it seems as though Pacquiao may still fight in the UAE later this year, it just won’t be against Khan.

Speaking to ESPN Arum said: “[Pacquiao’s adviser] Michael (Koncz) is on his way back to meet with Manny but the UAE deal is dead. I’m talking to him about another proposal for another fight, not Khan. Khan won’t be Manny’s next opponent.”

So, who could be Manny’s next opponent? Well, he did hint at fighting Australia’s Jeff Horn in the region later this year…

The eight-time world division champion announced the news via social media by posting a snap of himself alongside a giant fist emblazed with the UAE colours which he captioned: “See you in [the] UAE for my next fight.”

This match looks a bit more likely to happen as Diaa Al Khatib, CEO of Al Afaq tourism – the management company who will handling the event – announced: “We tried our best to finalise the deal for a year now and we are happy that it is through. Where it will be held, Dubai or Abu Dhabi, will be announced in a couple of weeks and Pacquiao will be there.” Yeah, he better be…

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