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UAE ranked one of the best countries in the world



It’s a statement that we already knew, but a new report has made it official – the UAE is one of the best countries in the world.

The US News and World Report survey evaluated 80 countries to rank the 2017 Best Countries, and placed Dubai at number 22 on the list. “Students studying abroad in the United Arab Emirates will find themselves in a melting pot of nationalities. Foreign nationals – most from India and Pakistan – outnumber locals nine to one in the country, which is perceived to be the safest in the Arab region, ranking above even the United States,” the report says.

As well as making the list of overall best countries the UAE was placed at number two on the list of top countries in the world to start your career. The report recognised that skilled workers are in high demand in the UAE, and that the country has introduced a new visa system to boost tourism, health and education sectors.

On the 2017 Best Countries list, Switzerland came out on top for the first time, followed by Canada, the United Kingdom, Germany and Japan rounding up the top five.

The report said: “Switzerland debuts as the world’s ‘top’ country, in part because of its progressive social systems, protection of human rights and business-friendly environment.”

Here’s the top 25:

1          Switzerland

2          Canada

3          United Kingdom

4          Germany

5          Japan

6          Sweden

7          United States

8          Australia

9          France

10        Norway

11        Netherlands

12        Denmark

13        Finland

14        New Zealand

15        Singapore

16        Italy

17        Luxembourg

18        Austria

19        Spain

20        China

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