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This tweet from the man at the centre of *that* BBC interview proves he definitely wasn’t ready for his viral fame



One minute you’re quietly informing your small but loyal band of Twitter followers that you’re about to be talking on BBC News about a major world event (you’re not sure of the exact handle, but never mind, it probably doesn’t matter) and the next, you’re the talk of the entire internet, responsible for brightening up the Fridays of millions of people.

Now, who doesn’t know who Professor Robert E Kelly is? Oh, he’s that guy from the hilarious BBC News interview who has his serious talk interrupted by two of his kids and a hapless wife/nanny (we don’t know yet) who tries to help yet makes things, brilliantly, worse. Of course I know Robert. Bob. Bobby. Old Bobcakes.

But no one, least of all Robert, could have been prepared for what was to happen. Responding to a request to use the footage of the clip (which, of course, wouldn’t be owned by him but by the BBC) just over half an hour after the interview, he seems a little confused, before writing the immortal phrase: “Is this kinda thing that goes ‘viral’ and gets weird?”

Yes. Yes it is Robert. This gold dust of the internet. This is Reddit front page and millions upon millions of retweets, shares and views.

His one response on Twitter since it all blew up?

He just wants to get back to studying Political Science and whatever hobbies – gardening? Chess? Extreme fishing? – he enjoys at the weekend, doesn’t he?

Good on him. So long Bobcakes, and all the very best.

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