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Smart pedestrian traffic light installed in Dubai



As dedicated pedestrians, we much like you, have spent countless minutes waiting for the traffic light to change colour and often find ourselves wondering if the light actually works – there are no cars, why isn’t this thing changing? Luckily for all of us without cars, Dubai’s Roads and Transport Authority have officially installed the first smart pedestrian traffic light.

Installed on Al Saadah Street, the light which works on a sensor bases not only reduces pedestrian waiting time, it also eases the flow of traffic.

Here’s how, the signal uses a smart based sensor system that is linked to an optical ground system which sends the data and images to a main computer. Once received, the data is then processed and the lights change accordingly.

The new traffic light can also spot the movement of pedestrians on the pavement before crossing the street or during crossing and automatically adjusts the timing of the signal’s light –meaning you’ll no longer have to run to cross the road, yay.

Speaking on the initiative Metha bin Adai, chief executive of the RTA’s Traffic & Roads Agency, told The National that the new pedestrian signals would encourage safe crossing for pedestrians in line with the RTA’s Safe and Smooth Transport for All programme.

“The operational system of the signal is designed to eliminate the time allocated to pedestrians if it senses no pedestrians waiting on the pavement, thus provides more time for vehicles to pass. The traffic signal uses a sensor-based smart unit through an optical ground system that works in perfect harmony with the signal lights,” she said.

If you’re still wondering how this works, watch the video below…

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