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Watch Russian couple in new Dubai daredevil stunt



Here we go again. Just when you thought we had seen the last of crazy people climbing to the top of Dubai skyscrapers for fun, they are at it again.

The latest stunt is by Russian Dmitry Chernysh and his girlfriend, who last week made it to the very top of Millennium Tower in Dubai Marina. Not a bad achievement considering its 285metres tall with 60 floors.

Various pictures of the stunt have been posted on his Instagram account along with a video on YouTube.


This isn’t the first time that Chernysh has climbed one of Dubai’s skyscrapers, according to his Instagram account he has also climbed to the top of the Infinity Tower, his account shows him posing in different photos with Dubai Marina’s skyline in the backdrop along with the towers location tag.

It seems as though the Dubai police have been placed on high alert quite literally, just last month, 23-year-old Russian model Viktoria Odintcova made it to the top of the 73 storey Cayan Tower. She got a call from the cops soon after. We suspect the latest pair can expect the same anytime soon.

Infamous British James Kingston was arrested by Dubai’s CID earlier this month for after filming himself climbing cranes and other buildings in the emirate. He was released just one day later.


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