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Rain to return to the UAE



If you’re planning a nice trip away this weekend, you may want to put it hold… the National Centre of Meteorology and Seismology have just issued an alert stating that rain will hit most parts of the emirates for the next five days…

Rain isn’t the only thing we can expect over the next few days – nope, the NCMS has also predicted hazy, unstable conditions with high winds.

As for rain, the NCMS says that there will be an increase in the cloud activity in the evening and night with different intensity rain over some areas in UAE.

Motorists have been warned to drive slowly and take extra precaution over the next few days due to the harsh winds and low visibly due to dust…

Here at Shortlist, we are sticking to our own forecast which is that the last full day of winter is Saturday March 25 – the day of the Dubai World Cup.

Either way, looks like you only have a few more weeks to wear those winter jumpers.

Until spring finally arrives – which looks to be by the end of this month – we’ve selected a few GIFS that we think perfectly represent the current weather conditions in the UAE…

When you wake up to sunshine…


When the clouds arrive…


When it finally starts to rain…


How you look when you finally get home…


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