Trump bans laptops and IPads from Dubai flights to USA

Another Trump ban is in place. The US has just banned passengers on flights from the UAE to the US from carrying major electronic devices in the cabin. This means that if you are flying from Dubai or Abu Dhabi to the USA, you can no longer take your IPad, laptop or any electronic games in the cabin.

You will have to pack them in the main luggage. The one bit of good news is that mobile phones are still allowed. But even cameras that are larger than mobile phones will have to be packed up.

It is thought that a total of nine airlines – included Emirates and Etihad – are hit by the ban. The new rule came in place on Monday and airlines have been given just 96 hours to enforce them.

This means that by the weekend, if you flying on Emirates to the USA, your laptop and IPad need to be in the suitcase and not hand luggage. If you had plans to spend several hours working on the plane, you better get a book. But that needs to be a hard printed copy – even kindle devices are believed to be affected.

“Effective March 21st, the carriage of electronic and electrical devices inbound to the USA shall only be inbound in checked baggage except for mobile and medical devices,” a reservation agent at one of the affected airlines told The Guardian.

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