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Britain to follow the US with a similar electronic devices travel ban



Britain is all set to follow the US in its electronics travel ban. Security sources have told The Telegraph that much like policy passed by the US earlier this morning all laptops and other electronic devices from UK-bound flights on planes from Middle Eastern countries will now have to be checked in.

Security sources told The Telegraph that UK security services have seen the same intelligence as their US counterparts and are expected to follow with a similar ban, possibly as soon as today.

Officials at the US department of homeland security (DHS) have claimed that the ban will help prevent terrorist attacks on commercial airlines and that the decision was based on “evaluated intelligence”, suggesting that the intelligence services have either intercepted a discussion about an extremist plot or been passed information by a source.

This comes roughly one year after insurgent group al-Shabaab smuggled an explosive-filled laptop on to plane out of Mogadishu. Fortunately for everyone onboard, the aircraft was still low enough that the pilot was able to land the plane safely. And, although the carrier Daallo does not fly to the US, it has proven reason enough to pass the ban.

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