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Private jet rolled and plunged 10,000ft over Arabian Gulf



In a freak accident a private plane rolled and plunged 10,000ft, before the pilot managed to regain control. The Bombardier Challenger 604 is set to have hit wake turbulence from a superjet 1,000ft above.

According to The Aviation Herald and the Mail Online, the superjumbo was an Emirates Airbus A380-800.

The incident happened on January 7, when the small aircraft flying over the Arabian sea was caught in wake turbulence from an superjumbo jet flying in the opposite direction.

According to reports the private plane made an emergency landing in Muscat. Apparently there were injuries onboard and the Challenger aircraft was written off.

Although the near-accident happened months ago, details are only emerging in the media now. While The Aviation Herald report that nine people on-board, an article in The Times claimed that there were 11 passengers and crew.

Reports state that the plane rolled at least three times, both engines flamed out and it plummeted 10,000ft. Thankfully the pilot managed to regain control in time to divert to Muscat.

“Wake turbulence”, also known as wake vortex turbulence (WVT), is the name given the turbulence that an aircraft creates as it travels through the air. One element of this is wing tip vortices, which creates a trail of two counter-rotating vortices on each side of the plane.

One of the main risk factors of being caught in a WVT is that a plane may flip, causing the pilot and crew to lose control.

A bigger plane equals a bigger wake, which can be dangerous for small planes.

According to The Aviation Herald the pilot was able to stop the plane rolling by using “raw muscle force”.

The incident is currently being investigated.

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