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Apple introduces new red iPhone 7 and reduces price of iPads



Tech giant Apple could not have launched their latest addition to the iPhone 7 family at a better time. The fierce, all red iPhone was introduced into fast pace tech world on Tuesday.

But that wasn’t all they announced through their press release. They have also cut the costs of two of their iPad models… Great news for passengers who can no longer take their iPads on flights to the US anymore.

Aside from introducing the new red iPhone 7 and 7 Plus which will be in Apple stores by the end of the month, Apple have replaced the iPad Air 2 with a new model simply called the iPad. Much like the iPad Air 2, it has a 9.7 inch screen and is just little bit heavier and thicker. It’s a brighter, has a faster processor and by retailing at just US$329 it is also cheaper than its predecessor (US$70 cheaper).

Apple also introduced its latest iPad Mini. The iPad Mini 4 now comes with 128 gigabytes of storage (the models used to start with 32 gigabytes) and retail at just US$399 (they used to start at US$499).

The price cuts, however, have nothing to do with the latest electronic device travel ban. According to Apple’s chief executive, Tim Cook, the new price for the 9.7-inch iPad should help spur sales as they faced a 19 per cent decline in recent months.

Cook believes that the cause for the sudden drop in sales is mainly because people were buying iPads for the first time last year and, do not update them like they would a phone.

IDC analyst Jorge Vela adds that Apple is merely taking advantage of lower prices for older components. He adds that by doing so Apple might be able to preserve higher profit margins by pushing people into a model with four times the storage.

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