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VIDEO: Abu Dhabi teenager ordered to clean streets for reckless driving



A 19-year-old Emirati man has been ordered to clean the streets in Abu Dhabi for three months as punishment for reckless driving. The Abu Dhabi Judicial Department shared a video of the man’s 4×4 sliding in front of a crowd of people before hitting a pedestrian.

Along with the punishment, which will involve cleaning roads and public squares for three months, he has been fined AED17,000 and had his driving license removed for the duration of the community service.

The unemployed man was convicted of driving recklessly, driving a car without plates, causing danger to himself and others, and leaving the scene of the accident.

This is the first time that the Abu Dhabi courts have used this form of community service, which under changes made to the law last year can be used instead of a jail term of six months or less.

The Abu Dhabi Prosecution department shared a video of the man’s reckless driving along with two photographs of his punishment. The post was shared along with a caption in Arabic, which explains that the Community Prosecution was recently established to implement community service in areas including humanitarian, educational, environmental, and public service activities.

The Community Service prosecution is also the body that supervise the implementation of the penalty. It’s hoped that these types of punishments will do more to reform behavior.

This comes after a group of dangerous drivers were ordered to carry our community service in Dubai. In a series of tweets, Dubai Media Office explained, “@HHShkMohd orders drivers who performed dangerous car stunt to clean #Dubai streets for 4 hours daily for 30 days as community service.”

Last week, the group of young men were changed with performing dangerous stunts in their 4×4 during rainy weather on City Walk. According to previous reports, the men filmed themselves doing “doughnuts” at high speed, very close to pedestrians.

The video gained thousands of views on social media before the men were arrested.

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