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Etihad offers passengers free Wi-Fi and iPads on US-bound flights



We all know the score by now – the US has banned electronics on flights from 10 airports in the MENA region, including Abu Dhabi and Dubai.

To tackle the issue, Etihad is offering First and Business Class travellers free Wi-Fi and iPads on US-bound flights – the iPads will be available on requests, while the free Wi-Fi will be available for the full duration of the flight.

Etihad sent out an email to notify customers of the perk, saying:

“To help you keep in touch with work, friends and family, we are offering First and Business Class guests free Wi-Fi and iPads on all our US bound flights from Abu Dhabi.

“Wi-Fi vouchers will be provided by our cabin crew with your onboard welcome drink, providing free Wi-Fi for the duration of the flight. In addition, we’ll have iPads available for those that need them. Power and USB sockets at every seat will keep your devices charged.

“Alternatively, just sit back, relax and enjoy hundreds of hours of inflight entertainment including the latest movies, TV series, boxsets, music, interactive games and seven channels of live sports and news.”

This comes after the United States banned passengers travelling from 10 airports in the MENA region from taking electronic devices larger than a mobile phone in their carry-on luggage.

This means that if you are travelling to the US from the likes of Abu Dhabi, Dubai and Doha, you will need to put your laptop in your checked in baggage. Many business travelers have raised concerns about travelling without their laptop making it impossible for them to work.

Emirates is also getting creative in order to ease the inconvenience to passengers. The airline will introduce a “laptop handling service” so that passengers can use their laptop right up until boarding.

The ban is expected to last until October 14

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