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Fancy yourself as Dubai’s next big actor, model or voiceover artist?



So you want to be famous actor, or you’ve watched tons of ads and TV shows and thought, “hey I could that!” well maybe, just maybe, you can.

MixFame, the region’s newest talent platform, is looking to find the nation’s next big star and unlike some other agencies prior experience is not required.

In case you’re rolling your eyes and wondering how starring in ads and TV presenting could lead to international stardom, just remember that Leonardo DiCaprio, Dakota Fanning and Brad Pitt all started out as campaign stars.

If you consider yourself more of a model than an actor or if the idea of a camera scares you, you’re in luck. MixFrame also has a number of services for aspiring models and presenters.

Now that you’re  ready to “shine” like star, here’s how you can join the party…

Firstly, register here. When you register just remember to add a recent photo (no older than six months… so your senior school picture won’t do!) of yourself.

Once you’ve added your details including body measurements, special skills (singing, dancing and languages), hobbies and contact details, you’ll successfully be a part of the MixFame family and database.

After that all you need to do is wait for someone to choose your portfolio – you’ll get an email notification when they do.

If you want to up your chances of getting selected for TV roles and ads, co-founder Ally Khalil Iverson suggests that you add a short video of yourself to your profile (they need to know that you can act or have some star potential).

If you’re the competitive type, then you may want to register as a premium member because that way you’ll be able to see who has been shortlisted and who your potential competition is – we’re watching you girl with the curly hair and perfect smile, we’re watching you.

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