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This Dubai Police Officer fined himself for hitting a parked car



A Dubai Police officer has just been promoted for fining himself. Corporal Abdullah Ebrahim Mohammad wrote himself the fine after hitting a parked car in Dubai earlier this month.

The honest move not only earned him a promotion and vast amount of praise from his senior officers, it also won over the driver of car he hit.

Egyptian doctor Mohammad Ahmad Nabeel Abdul Aziz took to social media to express his appreciation, putting up pictures of the accident that happened on March 22 as well as the referral note, which went viral on social media. Dr Aziz’s kind words earned him a certificate of thanks for spreading positivity about the Dubai Police.

Speaking on the nobility of the Police Officer, Major General Al Marri said during the event: “The honesty of the cop has given the Dubai Police a good reputation among the public. He fined himself for hitting the parked car and put a copy of the accident report on the windshield, which surprised the owner when he came and found his car damaged.”

Corporal Mohammed, who received both a promotion and several certificates of thanks and appreciate from high ranking officials, said he believes that it will only motivate him and his colleges to do better.

“I feel overwhelmed by the promotion and the nice gesture by our leaders. It will motivate me and my colleagues to serve and protect,” he told Gulf News.

In a series of tweets Dubai Police said that the promotion was in “recognition of his integrity” and Dubai Police employees do more to provide “high quality services to make society happy.”

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