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Here’s a list of all the weird stuff that people have left in Ubers



When it comes down to it: we human beings aren’t perfect. We forget things, we make mistakes and, we say the wrong things.

And the corollary of this: we lose things in the back of Ubers.

Now Uber has released a “Lost and Found Index”, a list of everything people like us have left behind in their cars – and it’s a pretty diverse list to say the least.

There are some pretty obvious ones to kick us off: their top ten includes phones, rings, keys, wallets, glasses, purses, IDs, gloves, chargers and sunglasses. So far, so predictable.

Then there are the weird-but-kind-of-understandable additions: a paycheck, school papers, bags, earrings, a hard drive. Fine. These are fine, acceptable things to lose in the back of a car. Engagement ring: less acceptable, but maybe the dude was nervous. We will give him the benefit of the doubt here.

It’s here that the list gets even weirder. There’s the inexplicable “sweet potato care package”, for a start, which due to being literally un-Googleable we’re assuming is just…a sweet potato? On its own? That you give to someone who is sad or ill? I don’t know. It makes zero sense that you would 1) buy someone a sweet potato as part of a care package 2) forget that you were taking a sweet potato to someone as part of a care package. Neither of these things makes any sense whatsoever.

It doesn’t get any less puzzling, either. Next on the list is “lobster”. Doesn’t say whether the lobster is alive or dead but we’re going to assume “dead” because there is no way someone would just leave a live lobster crawling around in the back of a Prius. But still: how do you leave a dead lobster in the back of a car? What are these people doing?

Anyway, here are 14 of the other weirdest things that people have left behind:

1. A laser

2. A pool cue

3. A packet of meat

4. A back massaging device

5. Some mustard

6. A jumper for a dog

7. A violin

8. A sling

9. A cape

10. The handle of a tap

11. A rubber mallet

12. Ski poles

13. An entire wedding outfit

14. A cardboard cutout of an elf

Anyway, Uber has also released the days you’re most likely to lose something and, surprise, surprise, the top three are Sunday, Saturday and Friday.

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