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Emirates Airline pulls off brilliant April Fool’s Day prank



If being cramped into an economy class seat for hours on end fills you with dread, then this Emirates news is nothing short of life-changing… The airline announced plans for the world’s largest commercial plane called a “triple-decker APR001”, with a swimming pool, games room, gym and a park.

When we saw the tweet, we got so excited about boarding the plane at DXB, ready to chill out in the five-star hotel-style facilities, that we barely noticed the name: APR001. Yes, it was an April Fool’s Day prank.

Absolutely gutted. In our minds we were there, pool cue in hand, ready to dominate the games room on the way to Bali.

While many people got the joke straight away, others were too overexcited. One Twitter user wrote, “Let’s book this now!” Another pointed out that the dynamics of having a swimming pool in the air wouldn’t work.

Emirates wasn’t the only airline to pull off a prank. Virgin Atlantic released a statement about ‘FlapEnergy’.

“After nearly 30 years of offering customers the ultimate long-haul flying experience, Virgin Atlantic and its founder Richard Branson are once again breaking barriers by announcing a world first in aircraft innovation.

“Almost a decade in the making, Virgin Atlantic has today announced that its world-class engineering team have been secretly working on the design and production of the world’s first-ever aircraft using new patented technology – flapology – to create the world’s first aircraft with flappable wings.

“Named the Dreambird 1417, the new aircraft has been inspired by the innovative engineering of a bird in flight and its flapping wing. The Dreambird 1417 boasts wings that bend and flex to create a flapping motion that not only propels the aircraft forward but generates its own power to meet every electronic need onboard.”


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