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Stricter checks for all UAE flights to Australia in light of electronics ban



Attention all passengers flying from Dubai, Abu Dhabi or Doha to Australia – you will now be subject to random device checks.

The Australian government has just confirmed that from April 6 passengers flying out of Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Doha will be subject to random explosive detection tests on devices at boarding gates.

The new rule, which effects all Etihad, Emirates, Qantas and Qatar Airways flights out of the aforementioned cities, comes roughly two weeks after the US imposed an electronic travel ban which states that all “big” electronic devices are to be placed in checked-in luggage.

However, unlike the US, Australia’s new security measure will still allow passengers to carry their electronic devices such as laptops, tablets and video cameras onto the plane; they will just be subject to strict random tests.

Australia’s Transport Minister, Darren Chester, released an official statement citing that the soon-to-be-implemented security measures were just a precautionary measure in response to the action taken by the British and American authorities.

“In response to national security advice the federal government has made precautionary changes and instructed airlines to implement new protocols from next week.

“Our changes are in line with the UK, which recently announced that people travelling from Doha, Abu Dhabi and Dubai will be subject to random explosive trace detection screening.

“Explosive detection screening will be conducted for randomly selected passengers and their baggage. Checks may also include targeted screening of electronic devices,” he said.

While the move doesn’t require anypassengers to hand over or check-in their electronics, it is another move that seems to only targets a few airlines. However, unlike the US, Australia’s security measures will also affect its very own airline, Qantas, which has daily flights from Dubai to Adelaide, Brisbane, Melbourne and Sydney.

During an interview with Radio New Zealand, The Civil Aviation Authority of New Zealand announced that they have no plans to follow Australia’s suit, meaning that all Emirates and Qatar flights to Auckland and Christchurch will continue as per usual.

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