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Bella Hadid is coming to The Dubai Mall



It goes without saying that Dubai has seen an influx of celebrity appearances in recent years… Rihanna, Zac Efron, Leonardo DiCaprio and Will Smith are just a few of the big names spotted out and about recently. Some have even gone the extra mile and moved to the region – yeah, we ran in to Lindsay Lohan too and we’ve even seen David Guetta…

The latest star set to grace our shores is supermodel Bella Hadid. The 20-year-old model will be at The Dubai Mall next Wednesday, April 12 for Dior’s highly anticipated The Art of Colour exhibition.

Much like the book, the travelling exhibit which will run util April 23, will explore the brand’s passion for colour – expect to see countless breathtaking photographs that showcase the 12 key shades that have inspired iconic looks by Dior’s three most influential make-up artists over the years.

Now back to Bella, while we don’t yet know what time she will be at The Dubai Mall, we do know that the Dior Makeup spokeswoman will be at the Fashion Catwalk Atrium on April 12 and that she’ll be joined by Dior Makeup’s image and creative director, Peter Phillips.


In case you’re new to the whole fashion scene, here are five facts that you should know about the model-of-the-moment…

1. Her father is billionaire real estate developer Mohamed Hadid.

2.  Her sister Gigi, much like herself, is one of the biggest names in modeling.

3. Bella received her Victoria Secret angel wings last November.

4. Much like her reality star and former model mother Yolanda and her model brother Anwar, Bella suffers from Lyme’s disease.

5. Her celebrity inner circle includes the likes of Kendall Jenner (we wonder if Kendall will join her, like she joined Gigi last October), Sofia Richie and fellow VS model Stella Maxwell.

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