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10 Dubai tenants per day lodge complaint about construction noise



There’s nothing like the sound of a pneumatic drill to kick you out of your blissful slumber. And it seems that many Dubai tenants are fed up of having an interrupted sleep, as Dubai Municipality has received almost 900 complains about noisy building sites in the first three months of 2017.

This is a huge increase on last year, when noise complaints from tenants averaged around six per day. The rate of complains is now up to around 10 per day, with a total of 898 being lodged. This is a 99.7 percent increase since 2016.

In order to check that construction sites are complying with regulations, Eng. Layali Abdul Rahman Al Mulla, Director of Buildings Department at Dubai Municipality, stated that the team carried out 379 field visits in the first quarter of the year to carry our necessary reports, and see if the sites are in breach of noise restrictions.

The rules on maximum construction noise vary depending on the area and the time of day. The noise compliance limit set out by Dubai Municipality in 2011 stipulates that residential areas with traffic lights have a noise limit of 40 to 50 decibels between 7am and 8pm. During the night this is lowered to 30 to 40 decibels. This noise limit increases if there are some workshops or highways nearby, with the maximum limit in industrial areas being 60 to 70 during the day and 50 to 60 at night.

Prior approval is required if noise will exceed these levels. The clause reads: “Any noisy operations outside these hours cannot be undertaken without prior approval and permission is only granted in exceptional circumstances[…]”

In order to lodge a noise complaint about a construction site near your home, you should contact Dubai Municipality via the contact center (800900) or [email protected].

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