06 Apr 2017 AT 02:25 PM

You can now learn to drive in a G-Class or a Range Rover in Dubai

In fact there's a fleet of luxury cars
06 Apr 2017 AT 02:25 PM
You can now learn to drive in a G-Class or a Range Rover in Dubai
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Ahhh Dubai problems. You learned to drive in a Toyota Yaris, but now that you’re behind the wheel of your G-Class you have absolutely no idea how to parallel park.

Well problem solved, because the Emirates Driving Institute has just launched a Platinum Driving Course, where you can learn to drive in an elite fleet or cars, which includes a Range Rover and Mercedes.

And that’s not all. You’ll also get a customisable training schedule and a dedicated relationship manager, who will take care of all the formalities (like filling out documents) for you. You don’t even need to get yourself to the centre – someone will pick you up and drop you off.

It sounds like an L-plate dream, but it does come with a higher price tag. The package starts at AED20,000 for eight classes (4 hours training), and goes up to AED30,000 for 40 classes (20 hours training).

Another perk of the VIP course is that you can take the lectures at any time you like.

Here are the benefits that the course outlines:

1. Eye test & course registration of the course can be done from customer’s home/ location by paying a lump sum amount. This amount will cover entire cost of training until the student gets the license. Irrespective, of the number of classes & attempts the students takes to clear the Theory Test, Parking Test, Assessment Test & Road Test or any other test

2. Pick and drop service will be provided to the student by the instructor in the high-end luxury training vehicle.

3.F or lectures students will be brought to any of EDI’s three main testing and training center. They can also take lectures via EDI’s e-lecture services.

4. For RTA Road tests, RTA examiner will visit student’s location to take the test in training vehicle.

If you've just read this and thought "sounds amazing, I was planning on buying a G-Class when I pass my test" then first of all we're extremely jealous, and secondly you can find out more here by visiting www.edi.ae or by calling +971 4 263 1100.