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Dubai-based expat fired and deported for sending journalist abusive messages



There are trolls lurking all over the internet – viral articles, videos and photographs are often littered with inflammatory comments. However, some take it even further by sending rude messages over direct message.

New Delhi-based journalist Rana Ayyub decided to “name and shame” someone who was sending her lewd comments over Facebook Messenger. She posted a picture of the comments, where you can see the man’s name and company, on Twitter saying, “Just a sample of the filth I receive on my Facebook page.” The comments are too offensive to repeat.

Ayyub’s 174,000 followers were quick to retweet the post. The messages were eventually brought to the attention of his employer, National Paints, who decided to act on the matter quickly. It is understood that the 31-year-old man was working for Alpha Paint in Dubai (sister company to National Paints in Sharjah).

Ayyub tweeted to say that the company called her directly to “apologise on behalf of the company for the harassment [she] faced from their ex-employee.” She added, “National Paints Sharjah: our company policy detests and punishes such attitude to women. UAE, I am truly impressed with this. [sic]”

Reports claim that the man has been fired, has had his visa revoked and has been sent back to India.

Ayya wrote on Facebook: “[…] The conglomerate HR manager told me that they were deeply apologetic about the mental trauma that was inflicted on me. […] They want to send in a representative who can personally speak to me and are filing a legal case of outraging a woman’s modesty against their ex-employee with the cops in the UAE. Who does this? Am so overwhelmed with this gesture.”

There has been an outpour of support for both Ayya and National Paints on Twitter for bravely standing up to harassment.

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