Kate-Lynne Wolmarans13 Apr 2017 AT 04:16 PM

Uber has a brand new safety feature

And, they’re now working with the RTA to create something amazing
Kate-Lynne Wolmarans13 Apr 2017 AT 04:16 PM
Uber has a brand new safety feature
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Uber has just launched a safety feature that requires all drivers to take a selfie before accepting a job.

The new safety feature will see Dubai’s Uber drivers take a photo themselves before accepting a ride. This photo will be compared to the driver’s display picture, if the pictures match, the ride will be confirmed. If not, the Uber drivers account will be temporally blocked until Uber rectifies the issue.  

Speaking on the new feature aimed at ensuring both driver and passenger safety, the general manager of Uber in the UAE, Chris Free said: “After a very successful pilot programme in the US, we are delighted to be launching driver verification here in the UAE. At Uber, our number one priority is the safety of our driver-partners and riders.”

Uber’s selfie feature is just of the apps latest additions; you can now book your next journey in advance and receive upfront payment estimates.

That’s not all Uber has been up to. The car-hailing service has most recently partnered with Dubai’s Road and Transport Authority to develop self-flying cars.

The Director of Product, Uber Elevate and Advanced Programs, Nikhil Goel told Mashable that the new partnership aims to make flying cheaper than driving.

“What’s important to Uber is that this is an affordable situation and until we get to the point where flying to work is cheaper than owning a car, it doesn't become a true replacement solution for everybody. My goal is ultimately to make sure that it is cheaper than car ownership.”

As for how Uber and the RTA intend on making flying cheaper than owning a car, Goel reveals: “In order to make the commute affordable, the vehicle is going to have to be full...so you'll almost always have four passengers.”

This means that the passengers will have to meet at a nearby “pod” where they will be flown to a pod closest to their destination. Once there, they will be driven by a self-less taxi to their specific destination.

We’re super excited watch this play out and, luckily we won’t have to wait long as the first vertical take-off and landing (VOTL) is scheduled to take place this summer.